Craftsman Torque


Craftsman Torque, an iPad magazine, is designed as the "ultimate power tool for your workshop." It provides walk-throughs for various DIY projects and guides users through the suite of Craftsman products that will suit their needs and makes it easy for them to shop. Other interactive features include the mystery car and highlights from their interactive reality program, as well as live project demos.



4 weeks


Team Members


The Problem

The client wanted create an iPad magazine that would allow their customers to become even more involved in their brand through this consumption-focused device. We needed to seamlessly introduce the shopping experience into the magazine format while accommodating for a variety of to-be-determined content.

The Process

In the design process, I researched other iPad magazines, looking for design patterns that we wanted to echo as well as finding areas in which we could improve upon current designs for our own magazine. Embracing an editorial approach that combined print and digital media, I designed the how to use this magazine and podcast sections, and I also created templates for articles and features. The client provided feedback on these designs, which visual designers further iterated upon after the primary interaction design phase wrapped.

The Solution

The goal of our solution was to provide the client with options while still imprinting the magazine an editorial style and point of view. We created designs for each feature type, such as DIY and shoppable sections, and final sections were built upon these different design bases, with content dictating the overall structure of the magazine.