Little Chef


Little Chef is a mobile application that helps babysitters create a collaborative cooking experience. It collects everyone’s input for the ingredients and, in turn, gets everyone's buy-in on the meal choice.

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3 weeks


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The Problem

For this project, our team had to design an information service for use on a context sensitive mobile phone.

We chose to design for a teenage babysitter, trying to get the kids in her care to decide on what to eat for dinner that night. We had run into this problem before, even with adults, trying to get everyone in the house to agree on the food for the evening. It's the babysitting version of trying to decide what restaurant to eat at for the evening.

The Process

First, we developed the persona of Sarah, a teenage babysitter who has a hard time getting her charges to decide what to eat for dinner. She wants to do well, but finds it hard when they don't cooperate.

As we tried to come up with realistic scenarios for Sarah, we realized that we needed personas for the family she babysat for as well, eventually giving rise to four secondary personas, each with their own needs and goals.

With personas in hand, we designed the application to fit within the proposed scenarios, first on the whiteboard and in paper, and lastly, we built screens and built a demo.

The Solution

Our solution gets the kids' input under supervision and letting all parties have some sort of buy-in into the process of making dinner. It also helps by showing moments in the recipe where the kids can help out.

Additionally, it takes into account a mom's wishes for her kids to eat well, and gives the babysitter a channel of communication by which to communicate their dietary well-being.