Chicos Checkout


The Chicos checkout redesign transformed the old, multistep checkout process on,, and into an elegant, single-page process that integrates other cues while shopping, such as an improved shopping bag and persistent cart (mini cart), with the overall goal of increasing conversion to increase revenue.


8 weeks



The Problem

The client wanted to update their checkout system across their three brand websites. The pages and flows they wanted redesigns for included a single page checkout for both guest and registered users, for both single address and multi address shipping, along with a persistent cart (minicart) that dropped in from the top right corner and an updated shopping bag page to match.

The goal of this redesign was to keep the consumer informed of the status of her items and her order over the course of the shopping experience for the overall checkout experience to feel shorter and easier. Experiencing some cart abandonment, the client believed that this, in turn, would ultimately increase the conversion rate across all three sites and thusly increase revenue.

The Process

During our design, I took our client's knowledge of their consumer base to heart and combining the best elements of their influences with industry best practices while keeping our focus on their top priorities.

Using an iterative process, we reviewed each round of our designs with the client. First, we developed the most complex case, which involved multiple shipping addresses for customers without any saved information. From this complicated workflow, we worked backward to create wireframes for each workflow required. During this process, I also built a moving prototype of two of the workflows in Flash Catalyst, which allowed us to test the movement and timing of the proposed system with representative users. After this usability testing, we returned to the drawing board to address the high level issues we had discovered.

The Solution

Our eventual solution worked elegantly for multiple uses cases: for shipping to single addresses for both guests (view wireframes) and registered users (view wireframes) and for shipping to multiple addresses for guests and registered users, though multiple shipping addresses were to be implemented at a later date.

The final single page checkout model kept the customers focused on the information at hand while still allowing them to review previously entered information or saved information, for guests and registered users respectively. The greatest challenge with regards to this solution was meeting the needs of the client's target age group, who were more sensitive to changes within a redesign than younger users.

In the end, the client was pleased with the solution and felt that the redesigned and rebuilt site would accomplish their goal of increased conversion and revenue.