BlackLocus is a tool that helps Small and Medium Business Owners better price, market, and keep inventory of their products in their online stores. Our team conducted usability testing on the existing pricing tool, provided insight into all three facets of the system through interviews, and restructured and redesigned the pricing tool.


3 months


Team Members


The Problem

Our client, BlackLocus, had an existing product that they were hoping to bring to market during the Fall of 2010.

The most difficult decisions we had to make were figuring out which methods to use to make the most of our time with the client, as well as which deliverables would give them the most lasting results as they continued to build their service in the future.

The Process

Our process began with usability testing, as we wanted to ensure that the client had a usable website to present to new clients.

After we wrote up our heuristic evaluations, we decided to move into research, where we spoke to four small to medium business owners about the way they conducted business online. We transformed these interviews into affinity diagrams, which led us to our end user needs and goals, which we developed further in our personas.

After our research, we had originally planned to polish the look and feel, but we decided that the site's information architecture needed more attention. We broke down the information that the site currently presented, along with our interview data, and classified it according to the information needed for each of the key tasks we had identified.

With a new structure in place, we were free to work on the wireframes for a new design and to come up with interactions that ultimately helped the users be more efficient and more informed. We tested our initial click-through prototype with 8 users of varying levels of experience.

The Solution

Our final client deliverable included:

  • a chart containing end user needs and goals, consolidated from the data collected during research,
  • two personas, based on our interviews, that they could use as they continued to built the other two components of their service,
  • basic design guidelines to help the service continue to grow after our time with them,
  • and a redesign of their pricing service, which included its information architecture and the interactions needed to make the site usable.

Our client was pleased with the work and has begun implementing it in their service.